Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ok. So wow!!

Changes. Some welcome. Some by complete surprise. Where do I start?

You know I have been thinking about my ex-fiance alot this week. Funny how things just always come back around for me. I wrote alot about him here on these pages. Things remembered are two things that he said that really wounded me. I thought that I had gotten past those words but for some reason those words have been brought to the forefront of my memory by some really cool turn of events.

There is an old saying that 'sticks and stones and break my bones but words can never hurt me'. I don't think that anything could be further from the truth.

Things said. Words said. Personal things.

Like my body reminded him of a 'burn victim' because I had so much extra skin. Look you CANNOT lose over 200lbs and NOT have extra skin.

And that I needed to fix my jacked up teeth. Not an easy task without dental insurance!

You seemed to me then and to me now that if someone is in love with you they will love all of you and not point out the dents and scratches.

Well, here's how life has come around to touch on these things.......

I work for a dentist. And in the past year that dentist has put over $32K into my mouth and my smile. I have the most amazing teeth I could have ever dreamed of having. It changes my whole face. My whole smile is different. Just doing the work on my teeth has impacted me. I love to smile. I love to laugh out loud. And I don't feel like I have to hide part of my mouth. There were parts of me that came to life with this dental reconstruction.

The 'burn victim' part?? After having gastric bypass surgery, I developed a hernia. And as a result of this hernia the surgeon has decided and pushed for the removal of my skin and a TUMMY TUCK!!!! All of it is covered by my insurance. Amazing stuff. I go in the hospital on Tuesday for reconstuction.

So, as you can see.....I have been really amazed that life and God has been so good to me. Changes that I could not have anticipated or hoped for and I am in the middle of being transformed.

On a community level. I have watched some of the closest kids in my life graduate high school this month. Man! Gotta tell you that this can make a girl feel old. These kids are heading on to college and the military. They are looking forward to what their next move is. I cannot remember doing this. I am so very proud of my 'adopted' kids. Every one of them.

I have also taken my college entrance exam last week. I scored pretty decently. I only have to do math for pre-reqs.

So by the time I hit 46 which is in July....I will have a new belly. A new mouth. And a new path to walk by going back to school. Life is interesting!