Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Looks Pretty Good On Paper

I have sent about 50 resumes out since in a month. It is CUT THROAT out there guys. I can barely remember the last time I heard of anyone being laid off. It just was unheard of. Now I know of at least 7 people in my circle that are out of work. Lots of people are just trying to make it.

Here is a kick in the pants: Did you know that unemployment pays about 33% of your former net pay?? That is insane. Insane to try to cover all the bills with that. It just doesn't stretch that far....

Anyway. In putting my resume together I realized that hey, I have alot of skills. Alot of stuff that is marketable. So now I am thinking outside the box and looking in places for work that I never thought would work for me. And ya know what??

I look pretty darn good on paper!! God is good. AND faithful. He will sustain. And when that job comes that is mine.....I'm jumping on it!!!


Happy said...

You are SO right, girl. He IS faithful. :)

Dear Jesus, please lead Tara to JUST the right job. You are so good. Thanks, God, for the opportunity she has to start a whole new chapter of her life right now - and that You've already written it, and know the end of the story. And thank You for being with her, and giving her the courage she's expressed here. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing the story of HOW You are faithful to Tara.


Anonymous said...

I "do not know you from Adam" as the old sayng goes...but somehow started reding your blog...I think you had commented on someone else's blog...but my question is...I would like to send you a small financial gift...from a brother in the Lord...is there a way to do that? Maybe help you buy the kids some Christmas...and please be encouraged and know some who do not even know you are praying and pulling for you!! Rom 8:28


Erin said...

I know it's cutthroat, I have several friends who are looking and getting nowhere.

But I am sure that you will "look good on paper" to someone who is hiring, when just the right thing comes along. I wish you the best in all this. I know Papa will cover you.

Tara said...

Happy-Thanks for the prayer girl. I am also looking forward to the new chapter...actually it is already being written...cool huh? How is that I had forgotten that HE always has a plan??? So many hugs to you.

Erin-It's all gonna work out. I just know it. In the meantime, I am spending lots of time with my grandson Josiah (who still lives with me) life is so sweet when I am covered with baby drool and kisses. Joey is 8 mos now and this time with him is so precious. I am a very blessed woman to have such time to be with him. So many grandmas and mommys don't have that. And for right now...It is so very awesome.

Ron-I gotta tell you that you floored me. My dad's name was Ron and I got chills when I read your comment. My dad has been gone for some time and I still miss him very much. In some weird way...your gift to me was a spiritual one. Thanks for that...no words can tell you the impact. I cannot accept a financial gift. BUT I will take all the encouragement and prayers and positive stuff you can throw this way. Wish I knew more about you. Thanks for stopping in and checking back. I hope to hear more from you....

ALL- Life is good in "the rooms". I'm doing great and making lots of freinds and finding a strength and peace that had slipped away. Geez I can't say it enough....thanks for all the love you guys give me. XOX.