Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sexual Innuendos From A Scientist Guy

So last night I had a talk with Scientist Guy about our relationship. I have known this guy for around 2 years. We were in the singles club together at church. We shared mutual friends. And we just naturally spent time together. Scientist Guy is just a really “nice” guy. Not my type at all. I go for the ones with an edge to them.

I had wondered where the friendship was going as I was getting some mixed signals lately. The kind of signals where the guy calls you all the time. Takes you out to dinner. The kind of signal that tells a girl that this relationship is kind of developing into something. It was ok for friends. But I got a little concerned over some comments that Scientist Guy has made in the past couple weeks. Comments like:

“we can sit in my car and neck”
“I can get you drunk and finally take advantage of you”
“hey sexy”

You know things that would really lead a girl to think that there was a motive in operation here. And to be honest here, I work in the construction industry. 99% of the industry is made up of men. Nasty flirtatious men. I expect those comments from them. But not someone from my church. And not someone who is a Christian man!! Geeezzz!

So, doing something completely out of character for me….I confronted the situation. I brought it to light. It was pretty scary to do let me tell you! But I figured that I need to know what this guys intentions were so that I could figure out my counter attack.

First let me say that we are just completely opposites. He is a very orthodox kind of guy. Single man. 50 yrs old. Owns his own home. He is secure financially. Grown kid not living with him. He is the kind of man that would be scared off by my messy family. I am unorthodox. I am not financially secure. I live from week to week. I have 3 kids. An psycho dog. We just don’t match. So I was concerned that if this guy was chasing me….he better be sure about it otherwise my life would chew him up and spit him out!!

Anyway, back to the confrontation. When he called me he just said this….”Tara, I have always thought you were just extremely sexy.”

I was pretty floored. Then he proceeds to tell me that compared to him I am a ‘free spirit’ and so ‘authentic’ that he loves to just be near me. And he apologized for the sexual comments but that I just make him very comfortable. That he can joke with me. And not be fearful of being himself. And then Scientist Guy says that we are just friends. **Whew**.

So I said: “I hope this means that you’re still going to buy me dinner now and again”….and Scientist Guy says: “Why would I do that? I’m not getting anything out of it”…totally joking. Totally free. Now we are both on the same page and we can go about the friendship.

I still am waiting for “Mr. Wonderful”. I was told that he is out there. I just asked God to make him appear with bells around his neck so that I could hear him coming…..

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