Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Slogan A Day....Just For Today

I read something today that was pretty centering. Kathy the girl with a carnival in her head wrote about staying in today. And how this concept has escaped the church. What I love about Kathy is that she always brings her stuff back to her. She speaks of Kathy. AND that helps me see me. It also got me thinking about how many slogans center on TODAY.

Just for today.
One day at a time.
Keep in simple.
How important is it?
Easy does it.

So many times I want to run ahead. I wish for tomorrow. I wish for payday. I wish for Spring to come. I wish for cooler weather. From day to day and season to season. I want to run ahead. Hurry. Hurry and let this season of my life pass so that I can get on to the next one. Especially the painful difficult seasons such as the one that I am in now.
Being single.
Being lonely.
Wishing that “Mr. Wonderful” would appear.
Kathy’s post reminded me that the hard times…the wacky times…the lonely times….
this day is a gift to be opened up and treasured.
Not hurried thru.
God, help me to treasure where I am for today.
Help me not want to rush it.
Help me find contentment where you have me.


Sara said...


help me enjoy my kids today . . . they'll grow up fast enough

help me do what I know I'm supposed to today--let me worry about whether it's sustainable some other time

Wishing you better from life than you can possibly imagine!

Tara said...

Thanks for taking a glace at my page. Your Coffe Randoms is quite an interesting stop in my day! I like you mind.
I saw you post on maps and what heaven is promised to If that doesn't center and bring us back to reality what would? This life spins and reels...I can only imagine what He has for us!!