Thursday, May 15, 2008

Camping Countdown

I have never been camping before. I just don't like the dirt. The smoke. No hair dryer. No electricity. And making the trek to the potty and hot shower doesn't interest me in the least. Yuk.

This year however a girlfriend of mine has reserved a cabin at a summer retreat for me and my kids. My friend Rosie and her husband (who is currently serving in the mid east) go camping every year and to help her uphold this Memorial Day Tradition....I will go and support her.

My kids and her kids are very stoked about the trip. Both of our kids are in thier teens and more than able to entertain themselves with fishing, crabbing, swimming, and chasing the oppisite sex.

Me and Rosie?? We're gonna chill. Relax. Talk. And totally unplug from the lives that keep us so crazy. The resort is only 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and on the rim of the Chesapeake Bay. I really need this get away. 7 days to go!!

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