Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Springsteen & Pony Bottles

My kids don't or can't appreciate Bruce Springsteen. I remember the first time I ever heard songs like 'The River' and 'Thunder Road'. The lyrics will live in me for the rest of my life. I hear the music and I am transported back to the wind blowing in my hair as we rode in my best friends black Trans Am with the Pheonix on the hood and drinking pony bottles of beer. Cruisin'. Yeah those were the 80's!

Today I stumbled accross this tune this morining on my way to work and I hit the repeat button. Bruce carried me away on my travel time to the office. It pretty much sums up where Tara is at emotionally. There are lyrics here that say:

"You Can't Shut Out The Risk And The Pain, Without Losing The Love That Remains"

So true. Sing if Bruce. And take me away!

This time period that I remember is when we would line up for hours to get gas and the unemployment rate was very high. Minimum wage was the going rate of pay and we were in what was called a recession. Springsteen wrote about life and the economy and the hopelessness of that time like no other. When I hear him I think of the landscape around me growing up outside of Scranton, PA. Factories were closing thier doors. Massive layoffs. There was no such thing as 'keeping it green' and taking care of the Earth. Black smoke would billow from those foundaries that still functioned.

I have heard over and over again that people think that we are in a recession. I have yet to see that. What I see is a massive slow down. Caution. This mindset of the country is different than what I grew up in. Let's hear it for learning from the past.

Let's hear it for pony bottles and Trans Am's! And letting the wind blow back your hair!

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