Thursday, May 15, 2008

On being a mom

This Mothers Day was the worst Mothers Day I have ever had. My kids didn't get me a card. My mom didn't either. I cried all day Sunday and most of Monday lamenting my broken heart and shattered expectations. I couldn't understand how my 3 kids could ever be so neglectful or selfish as to not even try to honor me. I am a great mom. I am loyal. Fun. Loving. I piss them off and get on thier butts but that IS part of my job as a mom too. I don't require much. I'm not high maintenace at all. Sometimes I am happy with a gratuitous pat on the head.

I'm working 2 jobs trying to make this thing called life happen for all of us. To keep a roof over our head. To keep the power on and the cars running. I'm tired. I'm spent. I was devastated to say the least.

Then I saw this picture above. It's of a grieving mom. Holding the body of her daughter that was buried under the rubble left by the earthquake in China. To really look at this picture...really look and get yourself in the pic. China has a one child law. This mom is most likly holding her ONLY child. She grieves.

And it makes me kinda put my Mothers Day into perspective. I have my children. All of them with me. All of them I am able to kiss goodnight. I have my grandson Josiah. I am able to kiss his little boy head anytime I desire.

My heart may still be a little bruised with the carelessness of my kids. But my arms are not empty. God bless these moms. Comfort the hearts that weep for thier sons and daughters.

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