Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Chance To Reconnect With Me

I really can't believe how excited I am getting about this camping trip. What started out as just 7 of us and our crew has more than doubled in size. We have enlisted a Marine that served in Iraq for 2 tours of duty and is more than able to help with the details. How cool is that? We have several teenagers ranging in age 13 to 17.

I have always chose to head to the beach for vacations. I love the water and the sun and the surf. I love the smell of the salt water. I have always equated the rage and unpreditability of the ocean with the strength of God. I love being near it. It is a force that is much bigger than I. This year I am on an inlet of the Chesapeake Bay. I hope to still get the benefit of the 'sea' as I can just hop in my car and drive for 15 minutes. But more than that....I just need to unplug. I must get centered within myself. I have to find some serinity within that has gone missing. I need to connect with my kids. I need to connect with pieces of me lost.

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