Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Killed For Being The Hands Of Christ....

Taliban gunmen killed a Christian aid worker, Gayle Williams, 34, in Kabul on Monday, and the militant group said it targeted the woman because she was spreading her religion.

The dual South African-British national worked with handicapped Afghans and was killed in the western part of Kabul as she was walking to work around 8 a.m., officials said.
The gunmen, who were on a motorbike, shot the woman in the body and leg with a pistol, said Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the slaying.

"This woman came to Afghanistan to teach Christianity to the people of Afghanistan," militant spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told The Associated Press. "Our (leaders) issued a decree to kill this woman. This morning our people killed her in Kabul."

"She was a person who always loved the Afghans and was dedicated to serving those who are disabled," it said.
The group describes itself as a Christian charity registered in Britain. The Web site says it has been working with Afghan refugees since 1980 in Pakistan.

"SERVE Afghanistan's purpose is to express God's love and bring hope by serving the people of Afghanistan, especially the needy, as we seek to address personal, social and environmental needs," the site says.

Rina Vamberende, a spokeswoman for SERVE in Kabul, said the group is a Christian organization "but they are definitely not expressing this on purpose. They are here to do NGO (aid) work."

"It's not the case that they preach, not at all," she said.

Can someone tell me why this isn't talked about more? I have heard it said that there are more martyrs today than any other time in the history of the church. This woman was giving love and care to a nation and a people that were not her own. And what makes this so obscene to me is the attitude of those that killed her.


Erin said...

What I can't get is if they don't like what someone is doing, why not just deport her? Why kill her?

I would love to hear more about the people who serve this way, but to be honest the press writes what sells, and what sells is fear-mongering about the economy and such. It's too bad.

Tara said...

And not only that but FEAR of offending is what prevents alot of the media from reporting. How many times has a fatwa been ordered because someone excercises their freedom of speach or expression? How many artists have been slaughtered at the hands of extremism? It really stinks that these servants are martyred for living out the command that we become nothing for the sake of others and to reflect His love to the unlovely and the unloved and the unwanted. THIS is one of my biggest soap boxes. I pray for the family of this woman.

Tara said...

Erin, I forget to leave this link for you. It is pretty extensive in its research and resourses. ANd it gives a true global account of what followers of Christ go through on a daily basis outside the safety of the US borders. Check them out it's called:

Voice of the Martyrs

findservelove said...

We don't appreciate our freedoms enough. Thanks for reminding us that there are people who live out their faith in amazing ways.

Erin said...

I read VoM from time to time, so I have some idea. Sometimes I quit because I just can't stomach it. It's too sad.

Tara said...

Darrin thanks for stopping by. As a pastor you are well aware of what is going on out there and the cost that is paid by some. I know that I can surely appreciate the safety that we have here. There are so many who literally lay their lives down. God Speed....

Mike said...

Erin ~ Yeah, I chased you here to. It is quite normal for extremists to kill that which they think is a threat to them. In the case of the Taliban, what we had here was not only a Christian making a huge difference, but also a woman. That was a complete slap in the face to them.

It is truly sad...

Tara, I found my way here by your comment at Trolling for Retreads which you found by my blog. (Ok, I"m really dizzy now)

Mike said...

Man, I tried to post this earlier but my internet went down.

Hi Erin ~ lookie, I found you here too! I think that I might be able to explain why they killed her, even though to us it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Extremists kill those that threaten them - and the Taliban considered her a threat. What they had was a foreigner in their country, doing things that they couldn't do, spreading the religion of the infidels and the to boot, it was a woman? That was a complete slap in the face to the Taliban.

Please don't get me wrong for I do not justify their actions, in fact, I condemn them as cowardly. This is truly a great loss but I am sure that she is now sitting beside Jesus, drinking a beer and sharing really cool stories with Dad.

Tara said...

Erin is EVERYWHERE!! ; )

Hey Mike, you're right about being a threat. The shi**y part about it is that if we are not 'one of them' we are an infidel. It is their doctrine. I guess we all pretty much know why martyrdom happens. The tough part is that none of it makes sense to the heart. But He did say that we would be persecuted for Him. Geez, I really liked that picture of Gayle sitting with dad talking and sharing a beer. That gave me cushies....someday we'll do the same. Make mine a lite though! Will calories count in heaven? lol.Thanks for stopping in!!

Erin said...

OK Mike, you can visit Tara's blog, but I knew her first! I do think she really needs to visit us at Rahab's Kitchen, doesn't she?

Anyhow, I know extremists kill their opponents...I just don't get what good they think it does. I mean, logic would dictate that killing her just makes a whole bunch of people mad at them and that much more determined to undermine them. Kicking her out of the country, saying "we won't have that here", well people can't argue with that the same way.

But I'm a woman and I think that way. Women should run the world, you know?

Mike said...


You said, "The shi**y part about it is that if we are not 'one of them' we are an infidel"

You know what's worse? That attitude is not relegated to Islam.

Thanks for the welcome!! I'll be visiting regularly.