Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Thoughts On A Friday

The only thing wearing black doesn't pick up is men and money.....

There are two kinds of people, those who light up a room when they walk in....
and those who light up a room when the walk out!

What is it about road kill that makes you have to look at it when you drive by
and try to figure out what h*ll it WAS??


Erin said...

I like the first one. LOL, it's true. We have a husky and two cats, and keeping pet hair off black is impossible. I have to sticky-roller myself right before I leave the house.

My mom has a thing on her wall that says

"Everyone brings joy to this house. Some when they enter, some when they leave."

Tara said...

Gotta tell you that an Elder's wife told me that wearing black thing...Sunday morning! LOL. Then we both giggled like crazy. Whoever invented those sticky rollers was a genious. And rich. I still use scotch tape at the office.

I LIKE your mom!!

Have a great weekend!! Try to enjoy running the gauntlet of construction mayhem! This too shall pass! ; )