Monday, October 20, 2008

Officially Fall

It is officially Autumn.
The Homecoming football game was Friday which we WON!!
The Homecoming Dance was Saturday night.
My daughter Bekkah looked AMAZING!!!

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Pumpkin Farm!!
My grandson's very first trip to the Pumpkin Farm.
Sliced granny smith's with hot caramel sauce. Hot apple cider. The smell of burning leaves wafting through the air.
God I love this time of year.

64 SHOPPING DAYS until Christmas!! By the way....did you hear that K-Mart was re-instituting their 'Lay -A - Way' plan. Says something about the economy eh?
Santa will be on a very tight budget this year.


BEKKAH said...

that is my favorite part of fall. nd i can never wait for it wither.

Tara said...

I love you Baby Girl. XOX.