Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Three Things

Happy tagged me in a meme:

I have NEVER done this before so this is interesting. I don't know how to do this but this is my attempt....

Three Joys:
My 3 kids and my grandson and Jack my dog.
Good wine.
Long drives with Dave Matthews blaring on the car stereo.

Three Fears:
Not being accepted.
Not being able to support my family.

Three Goals:
Go back to school in January.
Get married.
Buy a house.

Three Current Obsessions:
Figuring out how to link back!!!
Getting my kids to graduate high school this year.
Keeping my budget.

Three Random Facts About Me:
I'm a Yankee by birth and Southerner by choice.
I hate watching TV.
I love to dance anytime, anywhere, to anything.

Normal everyday mom stuff aside from the Dave Matthews thing....His lyrics rock my world! Now I am supposed to tag someone else....hhhhmmmm. I'm gonna skip this part until I know how to do it. LOL.


Sara said...

hey, thanks for stopping by over at my place! I was amused by your comment about imbedding links . . . one time Erin posted instructions over at Apples to Apples on how to do it, and I just copied it to my blog as a draft so I'd have it for reference!

Her explanation is buried in the comment thread here
about 225 comments down. It is, in short, this:

to imbed a link:
Coffee Randoms

the text between the quotes is the URL and the text between the > and the < is what you want it to display as

sometimes i can get it to work and sometimes i can't. :) best of luck!

Sara said...

okay, so when I typed out the html, instead of displaying the html coding, it just proceeded to imbed it for me. bleh.

I think I'm going to try to post on this . . . :)

Tara said...

Sara, thanks that would be so cool. I am learning all kinds of cool stuff but commenting a link is not one of them... :( I am just an armchair beginner at this stuff whatever pointers you can give will so help me. Hugs!