Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For Erin....And Others

This is me before weighing in at 425+.

And me after at 190. Thanks for the strokes!!

You know I look back at this "Tara" and all I see is pain. I see a lady that was drowning herself in fat. I am barely visable. My face is distorted. My heart wrecked. This is the direct result of 15 years of a very unhappy marriage. And years of emotional abuse.

I once was lost...but now I'm found....


Erin said...

Tara - That's so wonderful. Not that you aren't wonderful at 400, but I'd venture a guess you FEEL more wonderful now!

I was also soaringly miserable, so I know how that happens.

Tara said...

Erin I have to be honest. I love how I feel. For the most part I feel beautiful. And sexy too. That was a new feeling for me. LOL. BUT there are still times where I think I weigh 400+ still. Body dysmorphia. Sort of like bulimia. Same princepal. It is a mind thing. Not a body thing. I still struggle with that head. Thanks for the encouragement. Keep going with your own mission on getting and staying healthy. It is one of the few things that is JUST OURS to do. Hugs!!