Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bekkah Gets Baptized

Today my daughter Bekkah got water baptized. She gave her heart to Jesus on New Years Eve. I wondered if she really REALLY surrendered her life for a time. But! God has done some amazing things in her life in just a short time. For those of you who knew, Bekkah was taking 3 different medications for phychological stuff. Serequil, Welbutrin, and Topamax. On the night that Bekkah surreneded her life, a miracle occured that she kept secret. She was healed and she stopped taking her meds. Her and Jesus did this between the two of them. I didn’t find out for almost a month after her salvation. I was in the shower and God says to me….”You should ask Bekkah if she is taking her medicine”. Of course, I knew right then and there by the tone that the Lord spoke to me that she wasn’t….and He knew why. It was His way of giving me a CLUE that He was the Daddy and He was taking care of His DAUGHTER. I asked Bekkah (of course) about the meds and she went on to fess up that she hadn’t taken them since she got “saved”. I asked her calmly (while freaking out inside) if she has been feeling ok and she said with total resolve…”YES” I feel fine. Then I asked her if she thought that she had been healed. She again said with unwavering faith…”YES”. I can’t even beging to tell you how this has impacted me. I had been afraid of what would happen if I lost my job and lost my health insurance. And then with her having this desire to hit the missions field how she would ever be able to maintaing the meds in the middle of nowhere. Well, God seemed to already have a plan. And it didn’t have ANYTHING to do with ME. Isn’t He amazing. So anyway, I am sitting there tonight watching my baby profess her faith and be baptized. And I was so overcome with the rightousness of Him who saves. I could only weep for joy and peace knowing the my baby was in HIS hands and now under HIS wings. He was GOD. And He was HER God. Thank you Father for keeping the deepest fears of a mom in your hands and in you heart. I have nothing but praise for you.

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