Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shifting Directions A Bit

I have come to the conclusion that I am shifting directions. I am changing my voter registration card from Republican to Independant. I have found lately that I don't prescribe to the views of the Republican party anymore. I need the freedom to be able to pick and choose whom I vote for. Another thing I noticed....I pay more attention to WHO I want to vote for and the issues and the words being spoken when I am not obligated to just vote the way that I am registered to vote on my voters registration card.
Here's another cool thing about this change for me. I always take my kids with me when I vote. They are staunch Democratic minded young folks. It's distressing to me that they DON'T always think things thru regarding politics. They generally just grab the garbage that is dished out by the media and at school. But this is a great open door for communication when I do vote. Me and my kids talk about this stuff. We do not always agree and there are times when I have to clarify and establish what my opinion is. But it's great stuff and great dialog with my teens! And the most awesome thing about this dialog is that they are forced to think thru the issues and think for themselves.
I have been told lately that I am 'double minded' is just that way of thinking that caused me to re-evaluate my stance and which way I align myself. And change my party. I guess I am just rebellious enough to piss some people off. I love it when I think for myself!!

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Sara said...

Hey, nice to meet you! (I followed you over here from Happy's blog). Looks like you've got some neat stuff going on in your life right now.

In response to this post, I thought you might find this post of my husband's interesting. (

See you around!