Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

Every year at Thanksgiving there are several traditions that me and my kids do. Some of these traditions have traveled down thru the years and they look forward to them even today. Even though they are adults now.
One such tradition is to name the turkey. We have had several names that begin with the letter “T” as is fitting for a turkey. Such as “Tom” or “Tim”. I think we have had a “Matilda” in there to. BUT this year….I named the turkey without consulting my kids. I had a score to settle this year. And in this covert way…I am getting the job done. I was a little concerned about the feedback and how the kids would react to me naming the bird without them. But my mind was eased when they agreed with my naming of our turkey 100%.
This year t he “Turkey Of The Year” award goes to Marc! Yes this is the name of the father of the baby in which my daughter is carrying. Marc is the biggest, fattest, headless turkey I have ever known.
My daughter Sarah just laughed at the naming of the bird. She thought it an appropriate name. My daughter Bekkah actually threatened the bird with a death beyond death. She will enjoy every bite of that bird we carve into on Thanksgiving. My son, just nodded and smiled his approval.
Good job Mom!!
Who wins your “Turkey Of The Year Award”??
Another tradition that will be continued this year is that everyone at the dinner table gives a reason as to why they are thankful. This can be pretty sobering at times. I mean do YOU go about your days thinking of really how blessed you are? I try to. When the good times turn to bad…I seek out reasons to get “grateful”. If I don’t I’m in trouble emotionally, spiritually, mentally. I lose sight of what I have and focus on what it is that I don’t have. Not a good thing for me to do.
This year my list consists of these things to be grateful for:
1) My relationship with Jesus Christ. This encompasses so much for me. As a believer, this gives me access to Salvation. Grace. Mercy. Freedom. Peace. Healing. Clarity. My Past, Present, and Future is all wrapped up in this reason to be grateful. Without Jesus in my life…I would not want to go on living.
2) My kids. The very same kids that make me crazy with worry. The very same kids that every night they ask for prayer. My kids. And soon to be added to this gaggle will be my grand baby. The lives that God has entrusted to me to care for….care for me more than I will ever really be able to comprehend. I am their greatest fan…and they are mine. Hands down!!
3) My family. This includes those that are blood and those who are not. I have re-established a relationship with my beloved cousin Vickie. I have a mom and stepdad that adore me. Who are proud of the woman I am. I have sisters and brothers by adoption thru the blood of Christ. Sisters and brothers who lift me up, love me, and encourage. I also have my best friend Carol. She is more of a sister than a friend. Although friendship is more better because I choose to keep her close to me out of love and nothing more or nothing less.
All in all, I’d say that year after year….Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving…..God has been so very good to me. I have so much to be THANKFUL for. Thank you Father for the blessings in my life. Thank you for your hand of providence that takes care of me and mine. You are so truly awesome.

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