Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Door #1 Or Door #2 Or Door ???

I had another snake dream. I only dream about snakes when I am under extreme pressure or stress. I have been under a lot of stress in my personal life lately. Stress over spiritual things that require decisions to be made. I am also a turtle as far as making decisions. I have to make sure that I am making the right choice.
Here is the dream:
It isn’t a color dream. It is brownish in tones. I am in the house trailor where I spent my teenage years. But I am my age now. My daughter Sarah is with me and apparently in my dream she is pregnant as she is now. I am catching little garter snakes that have somehow gotten into the house and putting them into a glass jar with a snap lid. I am not too freaked out about this other than the fact that the snakes are in my house. I put the last one in the jar and I catch the tip of his tail on the lid. I am not concerned about this other than to say ‘oh I’m sorry’ to the snake for causing him pain.
I make sure that the lid is snapped on tight so that these little snakes cannot get out. I set the jar on the counter intending to get them out of the house in a few minutes. As me and Sarah are walking on the floor it is vibrating the counter top. I notice that the jar is moving dangerously close to the edge of the counter and I catch it just before it goes off onto the floor. I move the jar back to the counter further back from the edge. Me and Sarah are walking very softly on the floor as to not vibrate the floor but the jar moves to the edge again.
This time the jar slips thru my hands and shatters on the floor releasing these snakes. We start throwing some snakes out the door but cannot get them all. We are not too concerned with danger because they are garter snakes…they are just creepy. We then throw the jar and what is left of the snakes out the door. Me and Sarah are so freaked by these snakes in the house that we start to run out of the house. Pregnant Sarah falls down the stairs and lands right in front of a big huge fat rattle snake. She back crawls slowly away and she does not get bitten.
We then run away from the fat rattle snake who is slowly trying to catch us. Here is the thing. In this dream I am putting the little snakes in the jar unaware that there is a rattle snake already in there and it is a potentially lethal situation the whole time.

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doxie mom said...


I have those dreams too and hate them. But, at least you can make a connection with the dream. I always wake up and forget. I just wanted to let you know that I am behind you 100% always.