Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Organic Vs Synthetic

Lately I’ve been investigating this whole “Emerging Church” thing going on. I have never really been interested in investigating new things as far as the church goes but this really interests me. The “Organic Church”.One of the things about the ‘emergent church’ that I find intriguing is that they don’t believe in the whole hierarchy doctrine that has pervaded the beloved church. I guess first what I needed to decide for myself was “what is the church”. I have been a believer for many years and I believe that the church isn’t composed of a pastor, associated pastors, youth pastors, a foundation made of concrete, a roof or walls. I believe that the body of Christ is the church. The EKKLESIA. The church. Made up of living, breathing, spirit sealed believers. Living stones. We are the church. I also believe that there is no other head of that church but Jesus Christ. This is what I believe. This is what I believe Christ had in mind. This is the way that it is supposed to be.So what has happened to shift the church from the Apostolic roots when the first ‘churches’ were established and what do I do about it now?I know that for me, I will not pound my ideas into others. I will not discourage them from attending a church building. I will not try to encourage them into my way of thinking. I will not tear down. This I have decided. It is solid in my heart. What is important to me is that Christ is lifted up. Bottom line. As a matter of fact, I like going to church. I love the corporate worship, I love the gathering of brothers and sisters, I love the fellowship before and after the service. There are NO paganistic practices going on in my heart when I attend weekly services.What I don’t like is the drama. I dislike the way people jockey for position with the pastors. I dislike self righteousness. I abhor those that are fake.We are the bride of Christ. The church. In all her glory, she is what He loves. She is what He gave Himself up for. She is what He is coming back for. In the end…it is the heartbeat of the Church that matters. That each beat of the heart cries out to Him who saves her.I will go on sifting thru the emergent church movement. I would love to find a body of believers that are “Doing Church” the apostolic way. But until then, I will go on thinking for myself, feeling His touch, and working out my walk to the best of my ability and in His grace.

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