Friday, March 28, 2008

Good-by Best Friend

Good-bye best friend. The years we had I will never forget. The endless conversations over hours and hours and miles and miles. I will not forget how much of my heart you held in your hands. Nor the wisdom that you poured into me and encouraged me to seek out myself. I will not forget the laughs and the tears that you took as your own that I lavished on you. I will never forget or take lightly the tears and pain of your own that you shared with me.
We walked each other thru the deaths of parents. The divorces of friends. My own divorce was stirred in there too. We watched the Refuge kids grow into adults and make their way in the world. From Florida to New York to Virginia. We shared hours of watching our own kids grow into adults or near adults. We are grandparents now. How many years we have tallied up. Seems like yesterday. But yet a life time ago.
I will never forget you my friend. And I will always call you friend. We didn’t always agree on music or movies or books. We didn’t always hold the same opinion on politics. Or share the same bends on theology. But one thing is sure and that is the fine red cord of Jesus that will always bind us together as sister and brother. We share the same Spirit. The same Father. I cannot say to you “I don’t need you…as we are all a part of one body”.
This relationship that we ended is but a small part of who we were and are. I truly wanted to be able to walk beside you. I wanted to share your life and be your wife. I wanted to be there with you and for you. I can’t explain what has happened to two friends such as us. How there could be such a vast divide between two believers. Two hearts redeemed by the same sacrifice. Is it that I am an ear or perhaps an elbow and you are a hand or toe? As surely as the sun will set tonite…I know that the love that I had for you, that romantic love between a man and a woman was real. As real as the next breath that fills my lungs. The void that is left is dark and empty indeed. But very real. Again, as real as the next breath that fills my lungs.
I want to take this time to bless you Dearest. May you always find the comfort that only He gives to completeness. May you always rest in His hand of providence. And may you always hold dear to the call that He has placed on you. Press on and never second guess that still small voice within. I encourage you to look back only to check what lies in your wake. What are you leaving behind? Let be filled with love, peace and grace. Good-bye best friend…I’ll always love you.

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Erin said...

I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for this loss of relationship you have experienced. May the heart and hand of God be with you and grant you peace in dark places.